Game Tech HQ is a video game services company that is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to gamers and the venues that cater to them. Our mission is to take gaming to the next level and create unforgettable experiences for all players.

With over 30 years of experience in the gaming industry, we understand what gamers want and need. Our passion for gaming is evident in all of our services, from game server hosting to eSports and LANParty consultation.

At Game Tech HQ, we take pride in offering professional game server hosting services through Friday Night Servers and Game Center. Our dedicated team is always on the lookout for the latest trends and game development, so we can provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Our founder, Joe, has been hosting dedicated video game servers since the 1990s. He is a veteran of both the US Army Infantry and US Cyber Command, and has attended and produced LANParties of all sizes. With his expertise in Cyber Security and Systems Engineering, Joe is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service.

At Game Tech HQ, we believe in treating every customer like a close friend. We take every customer relationship personally and strive to provide a level and characteristic of service not seen elsewhere in the industry. Our services are designed to meet the needs of all gamers, whether they are casual players or hardcore enthusiasts.

We are proud to offer our weekend warrior special, which allows gamers to rent a game server for just a couple of dollars for a weekend-long gaming experience. We understand that not all gamers want to commit to renting a game server for an entire month, so we offer this option for those looking for a shorter rental period.

At Game Tech HQ, we stay up to date with the latest trends by being a part of the gaming community. We follow game development and community evolution closely, so we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

Thank you for choosing Game Tech HQ for all your gaming needs. We look forward to providing you with the best gaming experience possible.